Top 5 YouTube Home Ideas for April: From Dreamy Outdoors to Chic Cottage Inspo

I’m so excited to share a new series on our blog called TOP FIVE, where we’ll be sharing our top five inspiration videos that inspired us on YouTube. We’ve been sharing on YouTube for 7 years and honestly think it’s the BEST place to find home inspiration.

Today you’ll see lots of outdoor and cottage inspiration. All of these creators have done such a great job designing unique, timeless and stunning space! I can’t wait for you to see.

1. DIY Pergolia by Home with Stefani

I found a video on TikTok earlier this week showing a Peggy Martin Rose climbing up a little pergolia like this over a garage. He had a tutorial for the pergolia and it immediately overwhelmed me.

I need a SIMPLE and clear DIY and Home with Stefani created just that. She even gives links on where to find the corbels that make the pergolia look like it was done by a pro. She even did this DIY pregnant. GO STEPHANI! She also has a blog post with all the details on this DIY Pergolia.

Shared Sibling Room by Megan Bell

This thumbnail immediately stopped my scroll. The wallpaper and paint color is perfection. I also gave Megan a follow on Instagram after finding this video on YouTube. If you’re looking for stunning cottage inspiration she has it for you!

Front Porch Trellis by Pretty in the Pines

THIS IS A DREAM PATIO! In this video, Shelby of Pretty in the Pines installs the sweetest porch trellis and paints her front door. She shows all her blooms on the patio that are absolutely thriving. Fair warning if you watch this video you’ll be SPRINTING to the garden center.

5 Years of Renovating a Chateau

Every time I watch this channel I dream of renovating a chateau! They do all this DIY. It’s absolutely incredible. I love that their channel is called “How to Renovate a Chateau” and the tagline on their header is (without killing your partner). If anyone has ever done a DIY project with their spouse you totally understand. The kitchen is my favorite so far!

Choosing Exterior Paint Color with Chris Loves Julia

I’ve been following Chris Love’s Julia for years on Instagram and I’m thrilled to see them on YouTube. I’ve been following their journey selecting their exterior paint color choices and I love how real and honest Julia is about the process. She even admitted when she didn’t like the color as the painters were in process.

This video really demonstrates the importance of BIG color swatches and really testing the colors at different times of the day. Different lighting can totally affect the undertones that come through in the paint. Below is the before and after. Be sure to head to their blog post where they share many views of the exterior and details on their color selection.

Watch our LIVE where we shared what we loved most about this top 5!

I hope you enjoyed! I would love to know your favorite from this month’s top 5 in the comments. I’d also LOVE to hear your favorite YouTube channel.

Have a wonderful day!

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