We’re thrilled to now share a virtual home tour once a month with our viewers. For the past 3 years, we have shared home tours in the DFW that have been well received by our viewers reaching a total of 500K views on YouTube, millions of impressions on Pinterest, and 500k views on our blog. We can’t wait to share your home with our viewers.


Step 1 – Film Interivew

Once we decide a filming day together we will send a link to film together. This software is similar to zoom but allows us to have clearer audio and more control of the footage to create the best content for our viewers. You can use the webcam on your computer. You don’t have to walk from room to room with your device because we’ll be putting b-roll of each room over the interview to create an engaging entertaining video.


What is b-roll? This is the footage that will go over us talking. If you watch our current home tours you see that we’ll start with a conversation and a video of the home will begin to go over. The goal is to create this same experience virtually.

Step 2 – Submit B-Roll

This footage can be shot on an iPhone. Don’t worry about it being perfect because we will do a little editing to resolve any unsteady shots and even brighten up the shots if needed. 

Here you’ll submit 4-6 full-room shots of every room and 8-10 close shots. With the wide view, we’re looking to get each angle of the room and then a couple straight on views. With the close-ups, we’re looking for accents and vignettes. If the angle would look like a great photo then it will be great for a video. Each clip should be 5-7 seconds.

You’ll upload this footage to a Dropbox folder with a link we send you. You can do this directly from your phone.


Step 3 – Editing

Here we’ll edit our interview to make it flow. This is all on us so nothing for you to worry about here. We’ll cut out the parts where we’re deciding where you should stand or moving to the next room or simply having a behind-the-scenes conversation! So no worries about saying everything perfectly because editing does some major magic! We’ll overlay the B-Roll you sent and it’ll look amazing!

From here we’ll send you a preview. You’re welcome to share feedback before we publish!

Step 4 – PUBLISH!

This is the fun part! We share home tours on Fridays at 2 pm. We’ll share the link in advance so you can share it with your viewers as well. We welcome you to hop on YouTube and reply to any comments. You can anticipate viewers to request links/paint colors/etc.

Let me know if you have any questions!!