Wet Room Design Round Up – Bathroom Design Inspiration

Today we’re sharing bathroom inspiration, specifically bathrooms with a wet room design. You’re going to love the inspiration and insight we’ve found on this look. We’ve found so many different styles, layouts and ideas for you to apply in your own bathroom designs!

All designs have their sources linked below the image.


I used to think a wet room was a shower enclosure that included a tub. We designed a wet room like this for Shelby’s 1960’s ranch. Recently we learned a wet room is so much more. A wet room is a space inside a bathroom, where the whole thing is designed to get wet. We love the esthetic of these spaces but it’s also an amazing thing for families with littles who like to splash. We loved touring Jennie’s home of The Little Bird, where her wet room was designed with this exact function in mind.

Many times wet rooms are designed with a shower area at the same level as the rest of the floor. The floor is often sloped to move water toward a main drain in the room. I found this is not only good for children but pups. My guest room bath was designed with a large shower at the same level of the floor for my dogs to easily enter. We installed a hand held shower head for easy bathing of both our big pups and small!

Wet rooms originated in Japan, where the wet room is separate from the vanity and toilet area. One reason is that in Japan people love to soak in the tub. If you really want to enjoy a little R & R, in a Japanese bathroom there’s no risk of being interrupted when someone’s ‘gotta go’!


This wet room immediately caught our attention when we found it on Pinterest. It’s no surprise it was designed by the talented LeAnn Ford. The sheer size of the room creates a dramatic effect. I would consider this the true definition of a wet “ROOM”! But even more than that, can you imagine lounging in this sun-soaked tub? And two oversized showerheads are definitely better than one!


This is one I’ve saved for my personal bathroom remodel. The charcoal herringbone tile is the perfect backdrop for the black slipper tub which is the star of the show! The lighter colored oversized wall tile surrounds the entire space, so no worries about water going anywhere. The details of this design, including the gold waterfall rain shower head, are stunning! Everything about this room draws me in!


Some wet rooms have full glass shower enclosures and some have no walls or a partial glass wall. This design has a small glass partition making it easy to get in this luxurious tub. I love the pop of color the blue tile adds to this bathroom. It’s a bold pop that we don’t see ever going out of style.


If you’re googling wet rooms you’ll typically find a more modern, even industrial design esthetic. But we found some really inspiring wet rooms with vintage and cottage flair. If you’re in an older home and don’t have the space like some of the new builds afford for the wet room, you can literally create a room in an attic nook! What better way to design a small bathroom than to be able to utilize every square inch.

I hope you enjoy all the inspiration we stumbled upon for wet rooms. Everyone is so different but we love each one. If you’d like more Wet Room inspiration we’ll keep pinning more inspiration we find on this Pinterest board here. I’d love to know in the comments how you define a wet room or if you’ve heard of one before. Also, I’d love to know what inspiration you’d love for us to round-up next!



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