RV Home Tour with Tabitha Paige – Renovated RV with a Farmhouse Flair

We’re back with another home tour and I’m thrilled to be sharing one so amazing. If you’re new to the Farmhouse Living blog, once a month mom and I share a home tour of another homebody that has tons of inspiration to give.

Today we’re sharing Tabitha Paige of FollowHollowStudios. Tabitha is an artist, a creative, and one of the most inspirational people you’ll ever meet. Tabitha and her husband sold their farmhouse on land and began the process of converting an RV. It was important to Tabitha the RV had the design and function to make it feel like a true home. So they went all-in with carpentry and design updates to create a beautiful and cozy space.



The first thing you see is the open concept kitchen and living area. The kitchen feels very spacious and has everything you would find in a traditional home. They added a full sized fridge and exchanged an RV size range for a nearly full size oven! They added cabinetry for storage for a pantry.

There’s plenty of space for dining with functional furniture that can seat multiple people. The dining nook doubles as Tabitha’s art studio and wherever there was dead space it was transformed to create beautiful little nooks for additional storage.

One of the things they had to keep in mind when building out the RV was weight. Some things were a trade off to bring things into the home that were important to Tabitha. The floors from Cali Bamboo were chosen for function but they add warmth and style.

The quartz counters were a compromise as they are heavy but they were important to Tabitha because she loves to cook for her family.

The handblown lights are definitely not a practical item and come with a bit of maintenance. They learned the hard way when the screws came loose from the movement and one came crashing down. However, the elegant vintage style added so much to the space that it is worth the time to remove the globes as they travel from place to place. Vintage style hardware as well as other touches make this kitchen as cozy and warm as any home.

Another place in the kitchen that Tabitha added practical storage that looks great is in her stove alcove. Her husband built the prettiest spice storage that has inspired me for my own spice storage.

The board and batten on the walls is painted Paris Rain by Benjamin Moore. The island is painted Urbane Bronze by Sherwin Williams.


Tabitha chose two sofas for extra seating for family and friends. There’s cozy layered rugs, pillows and curtains. She added a framed TV since there’s not a lot of space for artwork. Tabitha explains that it’s just another way to give the feel and illusion that this is a home space. Again, she added vintage hardware in the living room. Even though it’s a new RV, the well worn pieces give you the feeling this is a loved home. The fireplace functions to add warmth, especially when they travel to colder climate areas. We asked Tabitha how they decide where to go and it’s simply her whim, wherever she decides they should go!

The walls are painted Alabaster by Sherwin Williams.


Tabitha’s daughter’s room is fairly large for an RV. Her husband built bunk beds so Lacey could have slumber parties and invite her cousins to sleep over. Each room has arched doors to mirror the rounded windows of the RV since that was something they weren’t able to change. It was Tabitha’s way of combining the elements of arches and it elevates the whole space. The bunk beds also feature the arches. There’s plenty of built in cabinetry for clothes. Mom added mirror so after she gets dressed she can take a look at herself. And sweet little shelves with Lacey’s favorite books and babies make it perfect place with everything a little girl could need.


Just off Lacey’s room is a loft bed with a pull out ladder built into the hall. They chose this model of RV with their whole family in mind. So this space functions as additional room for the times Tabitha’s parents might come along. Tabitha and her husband can sleep there when guests stay, but in the meantime it’s a perfect place for Lacey to play and the perfect little nook for Tabitha to crawl in and read a book.


This room was quite a transformation. An RV bathroom is small, but a few design elements went a long way. A sliding door with vintage hardware opens into the space. More vintage hardware add the warmth Tabitha was going for, but she will admit the size of the bathroom made it a challenge. She wanted to completely knock out the vanity. Thankfully her husband talked her out of it and she understands it was the best option. They added a warm Copley gray by Benjamin Moore to the vanity and it gave it just enough charm and style. The shower curtain covers the water filtering shower head. Admittedly they won’t have that beautiful brass shower head because of personal lifestyle choices. But the simple shower curtain completes the space.


Tabitha typically keeps things neutral and timeless. But she also loves a cozy dark bedroom. And she’s so happy with the way their master turned out. They had originally intended to put wood plank on the ceiling. Although, at the end of the day they ran out of time because they were headed to Florida! So they just decided to paint the bedroom head to toe, ceiling, walls and even the dresser a warm green color called Thunderous by Sherwin Williams. She cut down a vintage rattan bed frame and added some swanky velvet gold curtains. At night she draws the curtains so it feels like a warm, cozy cave. The mirrors give the room a larger feel so at some point she may add panels to give them some more style. But overall they love their space.

Tabitha shares her tips for making an RV home: “A lot of people are kinda scared to tackle an RV, ‘I don’t really know what to do, I don’t know where to start.’ Paint goes a long long way with RV’s! Removing that cabinetry, extend your ceilings, add lighter paint or darker if you want that cozy feeling in a bedroom, but even just doing those few things can make your RV into such a different space. And not being afraid to make your RV feel like a home. Of course not everybody is going to choose some of the compromises that we chose, if you’re not living in it full time or if that’s just not something that’s important to you. So you have to find your own personal balance for what’s functional for your family, what’s functional for the road and what fits my style, and how can we meet in the middle.”

This home tour was such a blast. I’m so impressed with how you’ve transformed it and added so much unexpected character and put thought into every little space. Thank you Tabitha for sharing your RV with us.

If you want more inspiration from Tabitha and to follow her adventures I’ve linked all her social media and website below.


Instagram – @FoxHollowStudios

Website – www.foxhollowstudios.com

You can view more home tours by following the link here. If you are interested in being featured on the Farmhouse Living blog with a home tour you can reach out here! We’d love to get to know you.

📷Photos by our amazing photographer: Charlee Tabor Photography .

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  1. Beautiful job! Will you share where you purchased the wood oval loop towel rack in the bathroom? I love it. Thank you.

  2. Unbelievably useful and gorgeous transformation. You guys have a great home for your kids and you. Can only imagine the amount of hard work it took. Safe travels and love to you and your family!!! I love you, beautiful niece, Tabby ❤️

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