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We believe that the primary bedroom deserves as much thought and attention when it comes to design as the main rooms in the home. Today we’re sharing 10 of our favorite bedroom design ideas we’ve seen on home tours we’ve shared. No matter your style I’m sure you’ll find many ideas you love!

Inspiration 1: Herringbone Floors in Mom’s Master Bedroom

This year mom renovated her bathroom and bedroom. She was dreaming of lighter hardwood floors but the rest of her home has medium/darker hardwoods. Her solution to making this transition seamlessly was to create an inlay with the darker stain that created a border around the lighter herringbone hardwoods. The stains are actually the same color but the lighter floors are simply diluted. This adds so much character and really made her primary suite a dream.

STAIN COLOR – Antique Brown WALL COLOR – Sherwin Williams Shoji White

Inspiration 2: Vintage Fabric Headboard & Gallery Wall in @BloomingIvyLane’s Bedroom

I was in shock when Stephanie of @bloomingivylane shared that she DIYed her headboard with vintage fabric that she found at an estate sale! There’s nothing better than a one of a kind design feature in a room and this floral headboard is just that in this room.

Another accent I loved in this room is the gallery rod that Stephanie used to create an art gallery with her Frame TV. Not only did it disguise the TV as art, but the carefully curated artwork hanging from the curtain rod added a level of sophistication and intrigue that truly made a statement.

Stephanie used a farmhouse table under the TV where you’d typically see a dresser. I love that she doesn’t play by the rules when it comes to design.


Inspiration 3: Pop of Color on the Trim in @cloverlanemckinney‘ Bedroom

One trend I’m currently loving right now is pops of color in trim! Erika, from @cloverlanemckinney, flawlessly showcases this trend in a primary bedroom she designed. What I love is how this stunning color palette extends into the bathroom, especially with the wallpaper. When you explore the complete home tour, you’ll notice that the main areas boast trim painted in a fun shade of blue! It’s a playful and refreshing touch that adds charm into the space.

If the brighter colors aren’t your think we’re seeing lots of people using warmer colors like beiges and grays on their trim too!

Inspiration 4: Porch Made Primary Bedroom by @TMKFHome

Tracy of @TMKFHome has a stunning primary bedroom that’s so rich in character. What makes it even more remarkable is the fascinating origin of this space—it was once a back patio! You can still catch a glimpse of the posts and corbels that lend an intriguing architectural touch to the room. The posts cleverly serve as a charming divider, separating the desk area from the bed. The floors and shiplap seamlessly blend with the rest of the bedroom, creating a cohesive aesthetic that makes you forget it was an addition. It’s the posts, however, that truly steal the show, adding that extra touch of character that makes this bedroom truly special.

Inspiration 5: Muted Statement Wall in @MyMckinneyFarmhouse’s Bedroom

Angie of @MyMckinneyFarmhouse’s primary bedroom leans minimalistic in style but rich in character. One feature she has here is a quote painted on the wall. It’s tone on tone but goes floor to ceiling and catches your eye right when you wall in. You can order a custom stencil on Etsy if you want to take on this look.

Inspiration 6: Evergreen Fog Accent Wall in @The.Rosie.Home’s Bedroom

Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog is officially my new favorite paint color. Rachel of @the.rosie.home uses this color as an accent color in her primary bedroom and it creates the perfect retreat. I love the contrast of this color against the wood stain in the beam in the ceiling and the gold accents on the wall.

Another thing I love about this bedroom is the art gallery she has over her desk. This gallery looks perfectly curated with vintage finds but she purchased it as a set on Etsy from NorthPrints. I love all their selections. Rachel’s style is cozy and sophisticated and I’ll be referencing her home for inspiration for years!

Inspiration 7: Modern Black Accent Wall in @The.Little.Bird’s Bedroom

I love a dark moody accent wall! Jennie of @The.Little.Bird does this right in her primary bedroom. The richness of the hue sets the perfect ambiance. To elevate the visual appeal further, she incorporates vertical shiplap, adding an extra layer of interest and texture to the space.

I also love Jennie’s furniture selection also makes this room even more dreamy. The glass front nightstands are a pretty way to show off accents.

Inspiration 8: Vintage Accents Make a Modern Feel in @RickersonRenovation Bedroom

Ginni of @RickersonRenovation has done such an amazing job creating a beautiful retreat by collecting unique finds from estate sales and antique stores. She has an eye for blending the old and the new, as showcased by her exquisite collection that seamlessly marries vintage charm with modern elements.

The black-framed windows and sleek lighting fixtures are a testament to Ginni’s ability to infuse a contemporary twist into her curated finds. The result is a harmonious fusion of styles create a sophisticated dreamy space.

Inspiration 9: Millwood Mix in @The.Old.Barn’s Bedroom

Jessica from @The.Old.Barn has masterfully combined various millwork elements to create a visually interesting space, even within an all-neutral palette. The walls showcase a delightful mix of textures and patterns, starting with the traditional horizontal shiplap as the base, complemented by vertical board and batten accents. To add another layer of charm, she incorporates bead board on the ceilings.

Inspiration 10: Untraditional Wall Accents in @myfavoriteroombykbmdesigns

Kathy of KBM Designs proves that there are no rules when it comes to wall accents for bedrooms. I love the charming arrangement of plates hung beside the tall gold-framed mirrors. The combination creates a dreamy and whimsical ambiance, adding a touch of personality to the space. I also love Kathy’s large rug and accent chairs in these bay windows.

I hope you enjoyed this round up for primary bedrooms. From accent walls to flooring and architectural accents, there are so many ways to make a bedroom unique. I’d love to know in the comments what your favorite inspiration is and if you’re currently working on your primary bedroom!

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