Dog Room AKA Mudroom Reveal

If you’ve been following us for any length of time you know the Farmhouse Living gals love our dogs! This is a project we’ve been hoping to take on for quite a while at the Touch Gold Project, but we have procrastinated until a naughty Aussie pup started acting up in the house. That’s when we knew we needed to make him his own space when he was home alone. The urgency rose even more when mom bred Sadie the Cavapoo who needed space for her pups.

Below you’ll see where the mudroom started. The walls were yellow and the tile extremely outdated. The built in was not only not very ascetically pleasing, but it was also in very bad shape. We’re guessing there may had been a water leak. What we did love about the room was the size! The hope for the room was to make not only a space for the pups, but also a place to drop mail and office items in a way that did not promote clutter.



The bench in the built in is made from an old barn beam. Actually the same beams that are in the ceiling in the dining room. The space below the bench adds space to put baskets and the hooks above are perfect for hanging bags, coats and miscellaneous things you drop when you come in. Our amazingly talented wood worker friend Cameron of The Hungry Saw installed this area. We finished this area off with some throw pillows we loved.

We took headshots of the pups against a white wall. We printed them large and grabbed modern black frames for them. You could create the same look using the tutorial from Chris Loves Julia. We love that they’re oversized and show each of their personalities of so well! The black and white edit on the portraits makes them look more modern.

The Dogs Eatery sign over the food and water bowls is made by our friend Alma of The Rustic Sparrow. It’s oversized and adds the perfect touch on the once empty wall. I love the rustic look.

The desk is made from an old piece of granite that we took from a piece of furniture and placed two file cabinets under it. We paired it with a rustic black clock and a cute desk lamp. It’s perfect for dropping mail and paperwork that doesn’t have immediate attention. Also, we placed a board to pin invitations and reminders so that we can keep important events top of mind.

There’s a large air return in the room. I think they set it up when the door is closed that you could possibly cool the whole garage…not really sure but it makes a really loud noise so a dutch door prevented that from happening. Also, Sam likes to peek over and that’s pretty darn cute so we love having it.

Below you can see the entire space and more opportunity to look at the pups! I mean how can you not fall in love with those cuties. Do you have a space in your home dedicated to your fur family? We’d love to hear about it. Make sure to leave a comment below. Also, you can shop the space below!




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