Laundry Room Makeover – DIY Peel and Stick Tile (with VIDEO)

When renovating our 60’s ranch, the Skyline Project, we moved our laundry room from one side of the house to the other when we converted our garage to our master suite. This made our laundry room much smaller and when I say smaller I mean a nook in the hallway, but it serves it’s purpose my friends and we added a whole bedroom and master bath with this move. When renovating an older home you win and sometimes lose. There’s give and take to everything. 

With that, this room or nook if you will, never had enough oomf for me. It always felt dull. I know it’s just a little closet, but every room deserves to sign a little. I really wanted to give it a little more wow with the baby coming next month. I feel like mom life will include a little bit of extra laundry…Just because you aren’t working with a lot of space doesn’t mean you can’t have big design plans!

The biggest impact to this space of course is the hexagon “tile” wall. I put tile in quotations because these beauties are peel and stick by our friends at Tic Tac Tile. We chose them because they were cost effective, easy to diy, temporary and can be installed without a ton of time. I’m excited to share with you how we installed them along with our laundry room favorites. 

Because Tic Tac Tiles are resistant to heat and humidity, they would be perfect for kitchen and bathroom backsplashes too. They have the dimension, reflection and gloss of real glass tiles. 

This project took around 2 hours! Here are the steps we took and tips for if you want to take on the project yourself.

STEP 1: Clean Wall

I used a washcloth and dawn soap the night before to give the wall plenty of time to dry. Then the day I installed I wiped the wall down with a dry rag to make sure all dust was off. 

STEP 2: Make Plumb Line

Walls aren’t always perfectly straight so it’s best to go off the plumbline rather than the wall. I learned this trick from researching about wallpaper installation. My old house is definitely not perfectly straight. 

STEP 3: Start Peeling and Sticking

The sheets are extremely sticky so it’s best to not peel the entire sheet off until you align and stick a corner then peel the remainder of the backing off. Even though it says this in the installation guide from Tic Tac Tile, I didn’t learn this little hack until the end. The best part is that they are completely removable and easy to restick to straighten up if you don’t put it on perfectly. 

STEP 4: Decorate! 

The hexagon pattern might be a little more challenging to keep straight than something like a subway. It took a second to get started, but once I got on a roll it was pretty enjoyable for a DIY project. I definitely recommend having a friend help you so when you’re having trouble keeping on pattern you can take a break and have someone else try. 

Remember, I typically am not a DIYer, but I’m learning to so that we can finish this house in the most cost effective way. If I can do it you can do it. If you’re a perfectionist go into this with the mindset that close is better than perfect. Every grout line is not exactly the same where I overlapped the sheets but they’re pretty darn close and it looks amazing. 

I hope your inspired by our latest project. We’re really excited how it turned out and would love to see how the tiles work for you whether it’s a kitchen backsplash or in your laundry or bathroom. Make sure to tag us on Instagram or message us your project photos. It’s so inspiring to see what you guys create. Leave any questions in the comments below. Also, see more inspiration below if you’re having trouble finding inspiration for small laundry rooms like I was! Happy DIYing. 


It was really hard for me to find inspiration of laundry room closets. I feel like people don’t invest in them like they would a larger laundry room so I wanted to share my favorites here. If you want even more laundry inspiration make sure to head to our Laundry Room Pinterest board. We love sharing inspiration weekly with you on Pinterest. We’re proud to curate the very best.  

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  1. Can you tell me how the blue barn door works in the picture of the closet laundry room. We are trying to figure out how to open up my special needs son’s room to the great room and want to open the wall with a barn door that completely moves out of a 9 foot span. We thought it may possibly work if we could use a couple doors on a by pass hanger. the picture you have on your blog looks like the barn door is rather large and can completely move out of the opening. Is this so and how wide is your door?

  2. Would you recommend these tiles / stickers for a kitchen backsplash? Do they look real enough for that…? Or would they look too much like plastic?

    1. Hey Morgan! If you are in a rental or need to save up for tile I would definitely recommend these for a kitchen. In the laundry, you have to get very close to tell they are not ceramic.

  3. hi, i was wondering where do i purchase those tiles in your laundry room. i would like to try them. i have a small laundry room as well. i would like to paint my wall first. do you think that is a good idea or not. please comment. well wishes to your family. thank you for sharing your ideas with us.

  4. Beautiful! Can you please share what the paint color on your walls is? I love your ideas! Keep sharing! ❤

  5. I love the two laundry signs you hung in the new laundry area. I found the Etsy link to the Alexa one, but no link is on the symbol one.

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