Gift Wrapping Station in Laundry Room

Last blog post we shared how we were decluttering and organizing the pantry. This inspired us to continue through the rest of the house! We ended up cleaning out the laundry room cabinets and giving the space an intentional function as a Gift Wrapping Station. We can’t wait to see what you think.

We were inspired to create something beautiful from our cluttered gift wrapping items. Cupboards were bursting at the seems with old gift bags. The messy basket of ribbon was in knots. And the gift wrap was tossed in the front entry closet. So we took several fun ideas from Pinterest and used the Cricut to label everything. It turned out so well that we used our laundry room counter and shelf to display it all!


The first step was to pull out everything we use for gift wrapping. We purged the tacky tissue paper and crumpled wrapping paper. We made a list of supplies we were missing, like gift tags, note cards, and some fun bows. Then we made a Target run for organization solutions. We found a tall wicker scalloped basket that looked something like an umbrella basket. This would make the perfect place to store gift wrap where it would stay intact.

Next, we found some storage boxes with a spot for labeling the other items. I found a creative solution to store ribbon. A simple wood crate with shelves, add wooden dowels to hold the ribbon bolts if you like. This allows for easy disbursement to pull down just the right amount of ribbon and makes a super cute display.


We are more likely to keep things in the right spot when there is a label. We found some fun verbiage and playful font to really inspire us! How bout Baubles & Bows, Tools & Tags, and Boxes & Bags.

The other awesome thing about keeping things labeled and in eye view is you are aware when something is running low. No more running late to the party cuz you’re out of tissue paper!


Since the laundry room is now doubling as a gift wrapping room we needed it to function as both and be fun! So we used our craft paper to create a sign. The closet rod which we don’t use worked perfectly to hang our sign. And we used our whimsical font to say….THAT’S A WRAP! We used our Cricut again to print this design. Since the letters were so large we simply peeled them and they easily adhered to the craft paper. When we need to use the craft paper we might use it as an opportunity to change the quote from time to time and keep it interesting!

This project was a blast and it makes me want to continue to look for out-of-the-box storage solutions for my messy cluttered spaces! Hope it inspired you to do something fun too! I’d love to know what you think so be sure to leave a comment below. Would this be a room that you would find useful in your home? What fun storage ideas do you have?


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