Cozy Classic Home Tour: Family Retreat Designed by Cavie Interiors

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Today, we’re excited to share a stunning family retreat designed by the talented team at Cavie Interiors. If you’re looking for cozy yet classic home inspiration, this tour is for you. The family

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Entryway and Dining Area: A Warm Welcome

As you step into this beautiful home, you’re greeted by an inviting entryway that flows seamlessly into the dining area. The centerpiece of this space is a custom-made dining table crafted by Cavie & Co., adding a personal touch to the room.

Rachel of Cavie Interiors shares, “This table was made by my husband’s shop, and our client had a clear vision that they brought to life.” The heirloom china cabinet, updated with a fresh coat of black paint, adds a touch of history and character.

Signature Design Elements: Timeless and Unique

Rachel walks us through their design philosophy, highlighting how they blend timeless elements with modern flair. This approach ensures each space feels unique yet cohesive.

We find that our niche is cozy families who love to entertain, and we design spaces that reflect that lifestyle,” Rachel explains.

Check out our previous tour of their Silverwood project to see more of their signature style.

Home Office: A Blend of History and Function

In the home office, a built-in piece that had been in the home since they purchased it has been transformed with a fresh coat of Inchyra Blue paint and new doors. The linen-backed corkboard sourced from Etsy adds both functionality and charm.

Rachel emphasizes the importance of preserving family history while updating the look: “As much as we can work around history, we want to preserve that.

Living Room: A Cozy Gathering Space

The living room is designed with entertaining in mind, featuring low-profile chairs to maintain an open view of the stunning outdoors. A mix of Hampton-esque chairs and a three-seat sofa from Nebraska Furniture Mart creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The back doors open all the way up creating an outdoor indoor

The black marble table from Pottery Barn adds a touch of elegance. Rachel mentions, “We wanted to ensure the fireplace had its own proper moment, so we added extra millwork and faux brick to give it height and presence.”

The Showstopper: Giant Sliding Glass Doors

One of the most striking features of this home is the giant sliding glass doors that open to the back patio. These doors not only flood the living room with natural light but also create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces. Rachel explains, “With our clients being avid entertainers, we wanted to create a flow that would accommodate both intimate gatherings and larger parties. The sliding glass doors were a perfect solution, offering flexibility and a stunning view.

See them in action here 👇🏻

These doors, framed with sleek, modern lines, invite you to step outside and enjoy the beautifully landscaped backyard. Whether it’s a casual family dinner or a large gathering of friends, these doors ensure that the indoor and outdoor spaces feel like one cohesive environment.

Kitchen: Heart of the Home

The kitchen retains its original island and granite countertops, chosen for their timeless appeal. Champagne brass hardware and new pendants elevate the space, while crown molding on the cabinets adds a touch of elegance.

Rachel shares a practical tip: “If something is already working but needs a refresh, consider updating the doors and adding trim for a new look without a full renovation.”

Keeping the boxes of the cabinets, adding shaker-style doors, and installing crown molding instead of completely demolishing the kitchen can save you tens of thousands of dollars while still having a significant impact. I actually did this in my own kitchen!

Breakfast Nook

The dining room is simple but elevated with the perfect balance of elegance and warmth. We love the use of the conical drum pendant from Rejuvenation. It’s got a modern flair but is a versatile pick for so manny design styles.

Primary Bedroom: Bold and Beautiful

The primary bedroom features Schumacher wallpaper that adds a bold statement, perfectly complementing the Hampton-esque heirloom bed. The texture and pattern of the wallpaper bring a sense of warmth and luxury to the space.

Rachel shares, “We got a great deal on this wallpaper, even with slight variations in color that add to its organic charm.” You’ll have to watch the entire video tour if you want that story 😉

Primary Bath: A Spa-Like Sanctuary

The primary bath in this home is a luxurious spa-like sanctuary, featuring cost-effective faux marble porcelain tiles that create a seamless and elegant look.

The cabinetry, painted in a soothing gray with brass hardware, adds sophistication and warmth. A standout feature is the custom jewelry armoire, inspired by a vintage piece, offering ample storage for the homeowner’s heirloom jewelry. Rachel explains, “We wanted a space where our client could store and admire her pieces.”

Mixed metals throughout the bathroom provide a harmonious balance of contemporary and classic elements. Lighting fixtures and mirrors from Rejuvenation enhance the light and airy ambiance. This thoughtfully designed primary bath is a serene retreat that blends style and function perfectly.

Lady’s Lounge: A Personalized Retreat

Upstairs, you’ll find a charming space known as the Lady’s Lounge, a retreat designed for relaxation and watching reality TV shows.

One of the most unique and endearing features is the wall adorned with framed shopping bags. Each bag represents a special shopping trip that the homeowner took with her friends and daughter “These bags are more than just souvenirs; they symbolize cherished memories and the quality time spent together,” explains Rachel from Cavie Interiors.

The lounge is furnished with comfortable seating, including cozy ottomans that invite you to kick back and relax. The thoughtful design extends to the storage solutions as well, with custom built-ins featuring detailed fronts that add texture and interest. The homeowner stores scrapbooks in one section of this built in making even more intentional space for reflection on memories.

A Home Filled with Love and Memories

We hope you enjoyed this tour of a beautifully designed family retreat by Cavie Interiors. Rachel and her team have truly created a space that is both functional and filled with personal touches. For more inspiring home tours and design tips, be sure to subscribe to our blog and follow us on Instagram.

Thank you, Rachel, for sharing your amazing designs with us once again. We can’t wait to see more of your incredible work!

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