Coastal Farmhouse Round Up

One of the highest viewed posts on our blog is the home tour of my mom’s new home. And if you know anything about mom, you know this woman loves coastal and she always has. I think the reason the style is so popular and elements will remain popular is because it’s all inspired by nature. A gorgeous ocean view never goes out of style.

Today I wanted to share some of our favorite coastal elements in my mom’s home along with some other decor that I think goes perfect if you’re trying to take on that Coastal Farmhouse look.


The first element of coastal farmhouse is furniture and decor with natural materials like wood, clay and rattan. Using natural fiber for rugs, lighting, and accessories will bring warmth and texture into your home. Mom has a jute rug layers with another rug to bring in the element but not overwhelm the space. It also helps because the top rug can be thrown in the washer if it needs to be. With pets this is a major perk.


We recommend sticking to a mostly neutral color palette of black, white, gray, blue, and natural wood tones. I like to build on a warmer neutral palette and incorporate the cooler tones with accents like art and pillows. We painted mom’s walls Sherwin Williams Alabaster and built on that. Remember a little goes a long way in design, my friends. Bringing in blues and greens subtly will create that coastal retreat vibe you’re going for.


Shells, Coral, Driftwood, etc. Let me preface this with it’s very easy to get themey when incorporating elements like this. I love to include them, but keeping it subtle to keep the design sophisticated and homey. There are places where I like to get themey like kids rooms and vacation homes, but not so much living rooms. We want our designs to last and not wear on us. You don’t want the coastal vibe to feel forced or overdone.


If you’re going with a design style inspired by nature you better have some of these cuties in your home. Not only are they useful at purifying the air, but they bring a look together without any effort.


If you want more Coastal Farmhouse Inspiration, head to our Pinterest Board with our favorite content from online. We’re careful to curate the most useful posts, photos, etc.  You can also shop the Touch Gold Project here.


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