Christmas Home Tour with KariAnne of Thistlewood

Last year mom and I decided to do a week of Christmas home tours! We’re so excited to kick off Christmas Home Tours for 2022. Every day this week you’ll see a new home up on the blog and you are going to LOVE every single one.

Today we’re on tour three with our friend KariAnne of @Thistlewood. We’ve toured KariAnne’s 110-year-old farmhouse on the blog in the past. We’re excited for you to see the updates she’s made and how she adds holiday cheer to her home!



This is the home KariAnne of Thistlewood grew up in! So the spirit of Christmas past and present fills the air! You enter the home into a vibrant blue and color filled space. KariAnne shares that her tree is in the same place as when she was a little girl, in the big bay window. Blue ornaments match the everyday color of the space. The big blue rug has been a favorite of followers of Thistlewood. But additions of bright reds and other pops of color were added, with inspiration from the mercury glass trees on the mantel. The front of the house is bright and cheerful but the back of the house is decorated in a more calm and serene farmhouse style. We loved them both equally!



The dining room adjacent to the living room is absolutely stunning! The oversized ornaments filled with glitter are a fun part of the tree in this room. Polkadot ornaments, sparkles and ribbon, KariAnne says, “Don’t tell the other trees, but that tree is my favorite!” LOL The color on the wall is Sherwin Williams Naval but the interesting and unique texture on the walls, were created by KariAnne’s very talented, artistic sister when she was in high school. The centerpiece is simple greenery and bowls of daisies, along with tapers that KariAnne pulled from her windows for a party she was hosting. These are a favorite because they are flameless. No mess, no fuss and they give the look and feel of the real thing!



While this isn’t exactly a room, this space is definitely one of my favorites! It’s the most magical, romantic space, with vintage mirrors, a crystal chandelier and other vintage pieces. But the stories from KariAnne’s childhood make it even more special. Every Christmas morning, the children would run down the stairs, the French door leading to the living room would be wrapped like a giant present. Everyone would wait eagerly to see if Santa had come and KariAnne’s dad would peel the door open to let them see their gifts under the tree. Each year the children would have their picture made on the stairs and KariAnne has carried on the tradition with her kids as well. The garland on this year’s stair rail will make for the sweetest pictures!

Just off the hall is the office with one of five trees in the home. This tree has sentimental ornaments. Some were made by KariAnne’s kids. One, however, is incredibly special. KariAnne was married at Christmastime, December 30th. So they actually had an ornament shower. Someone gave them an ornament of cherubs kissing that read Kari and Denny. Everywhere you look this home has a story to tell, especially at Christmas!


Everything in the kitchen is very neutral in keeping with the back part of the home. KariAnne likes to repurpose Christmas pieces in unconventional ways. The stockings are perfect hung off an old chalkboard she created from a vintage pool cue. The tree in this space is filled with vintage ornaments or vintage looking ornaments. Cloches filled with Christmas items on the counter and the collection of trees on the island keep the counters clutter free for everyday use. The hutch is perfectly styled with simple white dishes and manger scene.



When KariAnne was growing up the family room was known as the stink room because this room was actually the garage and the place where the dogs would come in and out! After it was made a part of the home, when KariAnne and her husband were dating they would use it as their makeout room. Today it serves as the hangout room for the family. It was beautifully transformed for Christmas.

A big dough bowl filled with leftover ornaments and pinecones is the centerpiece on the coffee table. The tree in this space, much like the entire home, is filled with history. KariAnne’s comes from a family of creatives and they hand-make Christmas gifts each year. Their father was a geologist and KariAnne’s crafty sister used maps folded together to create the star at the top of the tree!

A vintage mantel layered with different greenery, eucalyptus and pillar candles add warmth and light. KariAnne says, “When the lights go down at night and this house is lit it fills me with the joy of the season!” The bookshelves are full of Christmas inspiration. KariAnne is big believer in random acts of kindness. An advent calendar filled with notes for acts of kindness through the season is a way for her family to remember what’s really important. “I think that this season is all about celebrating what’s truly important, which is being kind, spreading joy and celebrating all the time that you have with family and friends,” says KariAnne! I couldn’t agree more!

Thank you KariAnne for inviting us into your home!

I hope KariAnne’s home tour brought you as much joy as it brought us. I’m loving all the new additions. Make sure to give KariAnne a follow on Instagram at @Thistlewood. Also, be sure to sign up for our email to see the other 2 home tours releasing this week. You really are going to love them all.




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