Our Top Holiday Family Activities & Traditions with The Home Depot

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We’re so excited to partner with The Home Depot to share our favorite family traditions and activities with you. These days we’re all stuck at home and it’s so easy to get familiar with the ones we love. Rather than taking in memories with the family, we scroll on our phones or daze off into the television. We’re all guilty! We thought it’d be fun to share our top family traditions that make our Christmas unforgettable every year.


We started this tradition 4 years ago and I hope we do it forever. We start talking about it right when mom brings the Christmas tree out. It’s the perfect activity for all ages and family sizes. This is something we do on Christmas Eve. We set a timer for an hour and each of us is allowed a secret weapon of choice. This year I’m bringing fun unique icing tips. I know my brother is bringing a hot glue gun because he can never get his house to stand up with just icing. We love a good healthy competition so we let Facebook pick the winner. The winner receives bragging rights until next season. If you’re not super competitive or picking a winner steals the fun, it’s still a really fun tradition to take on without making it a sport. Just getting the houses to stand with icing will have the family laughing.

One thing I love about the gingerbread houses is they’re also a cute decoration. If you make this a tradition early in the season you can display them all through the holidays. I made one to display on a cute cake stand. I’ve linked my favorites from The Home Depot website. I said this in our guest room makeover, but I’m loving their selection lately. Seriously the cutest kitchen goodies at www.homedepot.com


Our next activity is pretty classic but worth the reminder—Hot Cocoa! Now I know many of you probably have hot cocoa over the holidays, but setting up a bar that makes a fresh experience out of it changes everything. This year not only did we have classic cocoa and marshmallow toppings, but we gave the cocoa bomb option which has been such a fun trend we’ve seen this year. If you have room on your counter tops you can have your bar set out all season. I like to get festive the week of Christmas and that’s when we put ours out.

I’ve linked to all the cocoa bar essentials again from www.homedepot.com


Holidays + Food! We haven’t always been the best at this and the load is often put on my mom, overtime we’ve found that time in the kitchen together is a lot of fun. Planning is key when there are multiple hands in the kitchen. With a menu planned ahead, many hands will make the load light.

In our house we all have a different preference in kitchen appliance, so naturally we divide and conquer that way. My dad is loves a Sous Vide and swears they’re the secret to a great steak. I’m not your traditional Martha Stewart so you’ll find me by the Ninja Foodi. Y’all, if you don’t have one of these you NEED one. It’s an all in one cooker. It’s an air frier, pressure cooker, crock pot and oven all in one. I literally use it every day and have found some amazing holiday recipes for it. My mom loves it all. She literally is the host of a century so she’ll lead the way when we all come over for Christmas dinner.


Clearly we’re a family that LOVES food, but s’mores are a holiday must have. Whether you’re around a fie pit or just by your fireplace they’re perfect for the whole family no matter what age. It’s so fun to make a cute display by the fireplace to get everyone excited. We used a cute galvanized bucket that has so many uses outside of the S’mores set up.

5. Christmas Lights

I saw earlier this week that one influencer shared that she surprises all of her kids and gets them out of bed after they’re already tucked in to go look at lights in their PJs. I just thought that added a something special to a common tradition.

As you can see all our activities are commonly known, but we thought showing you how to design them in our homes would inspire you to be intentional with these classic activities to make memories with your family. Let’s make this year extra special with the ones we love most. Do you have any Christmas traditions?

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