The BEST Place to Buy Vintage and Antique Doors

We recently went antique shopping to add character to our primary bedroom project and thought it’d be fun to share our trip! We went to Antiques and Vintage in Forney, Texas where you’ll find the BEST place to buy vintage and antique doors.


We had a little-known secret just East of Dallas. It was tucked in along with a few other antique dealers on Hwy 80 in Forney, Texas. Some locals and a few designers had caught on to the treasure but it wasn’t until more recently that word spread through the internet.

Antiques and Vintage is our favorite antique place to shop, especially because of its massive inventory of vintage doors. The doors and antiques come from all over the world. We recently bought 2 sets of doors for our primary bedrooms as entries to the bath.


Antiques and Vintage is a Dutch Antiques wholesaler/retailer, mainly dealing in French antiques and architectural salvage materials from Europe.

Since all of the pieces are unique and one of a kind your home won’t look like any other. If you are looking for a pantry or barn door, you can peruse their incredible inventory. If you don’t find the right sizes, give them a call! Then offer FaceTime visits and will walk you through the store for your perfect antique set of doors. And they offer statewide shipping if you’re outside of our area.


If you’re fortunate enough to live in Texas and can find your way to the store you’ll likely be met by our friend Greg. Greg is very knowledgeable about antiques and can tell you where everything comes from. One of the first times we visited, a number of years ago, we were looking for unique finds and doors. Some of the European doors were very tall. We were able to find doors from Egypt that had all the character and charm in the right size.

There is a greater selection of shorter doors in stock from Egypt in the store today because the trend of adding vintage doors has grown like crazy! People are shopping for new builds and existing homes, retrofitting doors, or finding just the perfect size.

We love Greg and we really love his pup, King! King stays behind the counter to greet friends and comes out when invited. King is a gentle giant and he’s the best at his job! We really like the private tour with King leading us down every aisle! I’m not sure the place would be the same without him! So if you get a chance to visit be sure to say hello to King!


The most recent doors were for Shelby’s home built in the ’80s, with a door opening of 24″ x 80″. We found an awesome set of doors that we put together by what’s called a biscuit joint. Greg explained how we would do this and we hired a carpenter to help us in this process and hanging the door! It was very simple and the door looks amazing! But outside of the charm, the door is super functional as a barn door is a great space saver.

We also grabbed a barn door for our ball bath. This was one single door rather than two. We loved that it had blue show through which corresponded with our wallpaper well.

The doors that will be hung in my room are much larger because I have 12 foot ceilings and needed something grand! We haven’t installed them yet but it’s the next project on my home calendar! You can see how they’ll look in a 3d rendering we had made for the project.


While the doors are our favorite finds, the other treasures are something to see. The last visit turned up some unexpected pieces. I found a massive wooden tub that I’m still trying to think of a way to use at my home. And the funnest wooden sleigh that I am excited to find to give me Christmas in July! The statuary, crystal chandeliers, vintage signs, furniture, rare finds, and oddities are something to see.

I hope you enjoyed us taking you along on our trip. If you’re not local remember you can shop online. If you are local tell Greg we sent you and make sure to give King some love!

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