Be My Guest: Create a Welcoming Guest Room for Family and Friends

There’s nothing I love more than opening up our home to family and friends. We want our guests to have a great time and feel like our home is their home. This starts by making sure guests know that we’ve planned for their arrival and that we’re not just shoving them in a room. Today we put together a few simple and easy ideas to ensure your next guest feels right at home.

First we use our Old Wood Tea Service Tray for a great presentation when your guests arrive. Taking a few extra minutes to gather these items and present them on a little tray will not only make your visitor feel special, but I have to admit—is also kind of fun!

I love the idea of displaying your wifi password for guests. Someone suggested it to me for a custom order for a Farmhouse Chalkboard and I loved it! The board teamed with the ‘Be Our Guest‘ Pillow was just too cute. 

Another tip is to be prepared in case your guest has forgotten an essential item  — I have spare toothbrushes on hand, lovely soaps, shampoo and the like.  I put out extra blankets and pillows in the guest room, and in the kitchen, set out coffee and tea for early risers. In the bathroom I like to place my favorite soaps and oils. Joy & Comfort Apothecary is our choice this year.

Lastly, fresh flowers, a candle and a good read make for a very cozy, thoughtful stay. 

Happy hosting!

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