Baby Boy Nursery Reveal

Here we’re sharing our baby boy’s nursery. You’ll see the inspiration & design plan, our DIY vertical shiplap wall, and the final results of the space! I can’t wait to hear what you think!



For some reason, designing a boy’s nursery was much more challenging than for a girl. When designing my daughter’s nursery I was almost finding too much inspiration, but for my son, I was really having trouble finding inspiration that got my creative juices flowing.

When my mom asked me the style I was going for the only thing that came to mind was a Classic Gentleman’s Retreat. I know that sounds silly for a nursery, but it’s all that felt right. Another element that I knew I wanted to include was blue as an accent color. I had our Instagram community vote and the general consensus was Sherwin Williams Waterloo. The other options were:

1. Sherwin Williams Sea Serpent
2. Sherwin Williams Gale Force
3. Sherwin Williams Waterloo
4. Benjamin Moore Hale Navy
5. Farrow & Ball Down Pipe
6. Sherwin Williams Smoky Blue
7. Sherwin Williams Grays Harbor

You can see all the samples together on our Instagram reel here.


I love an accent wall, especially with a bit of millwork or shiplap! This was our primary statement in the nursery. The shiplap painted in Sherwin Williams Waterloo is complimented by vintage car prints with these industrial wall sconces with a wood accent. The wall sconces aren’t actually hardwired in but are lit by battery-powered wall pucks.

The wall is completed with this basket bench seat. It’s great for a kid’s space because it has dividers for storage. We are storing toys on one side and blankets on the other. The top is soft-close so you don’t have to worry about tiny fingers getting closed on. It also functions as extra seating.


I always give credit where credit is due and Katie Sullivan of @PrettyDomesticated offered my biggest inspiration when it came to the nursery. This green vertical shiplap wall totally stopped my scroll and I knew I wanted to do this, but in blue. I loved the shiplap, but the car prints added a little sentiment as my family owns an auto repair shop and my dad has classic cars. This made it the perfect theme.

Most of the time I find a little inspiration in many photos, but I chose to run full steam ahead with all the elements in this stunning accent wall! Having one big accent wall allowed me to keep it simple with the other sides of the room.


Paneling often gets a bad wrap, but they have come a long way since your granny’s outdated wood walls. Recently on Instagram, I saw someone using paneling rather than the typical single tongue and groove boards. I loved that it looked like it took a fraction of the time to install with the same look, but it’s also a fraction of the price. I used four panels on this wall at $30 each ($120 total), whereas if I would have done individual shiplap boards it would have cost $400 ($10 per board). I love the results, the cost, and the time it saved me!

You can see the full process to install on the YouTube video or our Instagram Highlight labeled ‘Boy Nursery.’ We have a full DIY tutorial on vertical shiplap using single tongue and groove boards here as well if you’d like to compare which option is the best for you!


I wanted to find a way to tie the look up with a bow and the blue trim work was that bow! It’s a bold look, but very classic. The funny thing is my inspiration for the trim actually was found in a dining room rather than a nursery. Don’t be afraid to look outside of the box for design inspiration!




I knew I wanted to keep it simple on the wall opposite of the shiplap accent wall. When I stumbled upon this blue flag on Etsy I was so excited to have found the perfect wall decor for over the crib. It’s large but light so when my little one gets older if he decides to pull it down it’s still safe! A company called California Cotton makes them and each one is a little different.


This tiny gentleman’s retreat needed a vintage dresser to add a little bit of character. Believe it or not, we found one on Facebook Marketplace for only $45! I love the color, but the size was perfect since the space there is not very wide. Also, the height is great for it to function as a changing table!

If you’re interested in more of our Facebook Marketplace finds, we have a full blog post here.


There were a few final details that really finished the space. One of those was the plaid rug. I loved that it was simple and had a masculine look. I was a little worried about the white, but I’ve been surprised by how well the white has resisted stains!

The next detail was the woven basket light fixture. The color is pure perfection with the wood floors and wood dresser. They truly look like they were made for each other. The bonus is this fixture was very affordable. I love a good budget-friendly home find!


Luke RIley Coleman was born on April 24, 2022 at 3:05pm. We’re so happy to be a family of four and to share this cutie and his room with you!

I hope this post provided you inspiration if you’re looking for that creative spark for a baby boy nursery like I was. I also think so many of these elements could be used in other spaces as well. I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below.



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