5 Decor Items that Will Change an Entire Room

Today I’m sharing the five pieces of home decor that I always have on hand to completely change a room when it needs an update!

I get the itch to switch my home quite often. Especially as the seasons change, I love to make small changes that make a BIG IMPACT in a room. Small accents can really go a long way when you’re craving an update.

In this week’s YouTube video I cleaned out my home decor closet where I store all my small accents. As I was decluttering I started thinking about the pieces that I loved to switch out the most and were staples when it comes to home accents for me.


If you watched the video, you’ll see that I didn’t allow myself to shop for fall accents until I cleaned that closet. This allowed me to pull out the fall accents I wanted to include as well as make room for any fresh decor. I also sold a ton of the pieces that I purged on Facebook Marketplace which gave me money to spend on fall decor without dipping into my day-to-day budget! This is a great method if you have an itch to switch like us.

Home Decor Staples to Change Up a Room

1. Stems

Mom and I love to swap out stems. We often times will clip them from the yard and pop them in a vase, but we also like to keep faux on hand especially for fall and winter when the leaves have fallen off of favorite trees to cut from.

I have a drawer of faux florals that I can pull from when I need to refresh an area. I love to swap out stems on the fireplace. We swap between faux and real on mom’s fireplace often.

We’ve been seeing the trend of GIANT stems recently which we do a ton on mom’s dining room table and kitchen island. Just this one change completely changes the space.

2. Art

Art is so fun to swap out seasonally. I also have an entire drawer full of art prints that I can pop into frames throughout the house. I love to support local artists like my friend Tabitha who painted the dogs in the linen cabinet in the hall bath. I have a ton of her watercolor prints in my home.

If you want more inspiration from Tabitha, we toured her renovated RV and shared it on the blog and our YouTube channel. It will blow your mind how homey she was able to make an RV look and feel.

We have a Frame TV in the playroom and this is always a place where I change up art. This is great because you don’t even need to store anything. Just simply swap it out with the remote.


3. Books

I love keeping books to style throughout the house. I have them everywhere from the coffee table to the media console and entry table to cookbooks on the shelves in the kitchen. If you feel like a surface in your home is missing something pop in a book and you instantly have a design-worthy vignette.

The best part of designing with books is they are so cheap. I love to find them at estate sales and thrift stores. They’re often no more than $1. I’ve also bought books in bulk at Half Priced Books where they gave me a full box for $20.

I keep a drawer of these books in a drawer in my entry piece. When buying books I focus on finding neutrals. I have a set of green books that I treasure-hunted for my media console. I also swap those out for red books to decorate for Christmas. I love how festive a room can look with just a simple pop of color from books.

4. Candle Sticks

I love a good set of candlesticks! I find most of my candlesticks from estate sales and thrift stores but have also bought new when I see some I love. The ones on my fireplace currently are new from my friend Mattie’s store, The Rustic Warehouse. I love that they have a modern flare.

During the holidays I love to pull out my vintage candlesticks. Something about them gives the cozy ambiance that the season calls for.

Candlesticks aren’t always cheap but they are for the most part timeless and can be used in so many different ways! When I invest in home decor I want them to be versatile.

5. Pillow Covers & Throw Blankets

This is where we really start to get in trouble. My mom and I have a slight obsession with pillows and throws. I mean when you think of a cozy home I would say the first thought that comes to mind is PILLOWS!

I love to shop pillow covers rather than just throw pillows. When the covers don’t come off they’re hard to store when you get that itch to switch. I also like the covers to come off so I can wash them. With dogs and kids that comes in handy!

If you’re like me and you change out decor regularly these are the items I would keep on hand. I hope you are inspired to refresh your home if you have been having that feeling and maybe to purge those pieces that haven’t been getting rotated back in like I did in our video!

Do you get the itch to switch your home regularly or like to keep it the same? We love to hear from you so make sure to leave a comment below with any thoughts or ideas.

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