Minimalist Christmas Decor

Growing up my mom went all out for Christmas. It was so fun to see the tree stuffed to the brim with ornaments and lights everywhere. The problem is that it’s very time consuming, you need extra space for all the Christmas fluff and then when you strip your house after the holidays it looks bare. All this to say, my motto this year is less is more. 

I recently shared the model we designed for the Village of Rowlett apartments (our neighbors on Main). I wanted to keep the homey feel in the space so I sent Charlee over to spruce it up for Christmas! This is what got me thinking about keeping it minimal this year. I really wanted to keep the black, white and neutral pallet of the apartment while still giving it a festive flair. 

We started with branches from the evergreen outside the store and created this garland for over the mirror above the couch. Natural elements like branches and pinecones are perfect natural touches to add to your Minimalist Christmas design. Added bonus — they are free to gather and cut right from your own backyard! We mentioned this idea last year on the blog, but this garland is on a whole other level. It looks so whimsical and intentional. It was super easy to make too. It took maybe five minutes with a little twine. We then nailed it to the wall with two tiny nails. The evergreen branches are a little sharp so I would wear gardening gloves if you have some on hand…We did not…

PRO TIP: To make it last longer spray it with a little water once or twice a week. We made one at the store also and haven’t been spraying, but it still looks great! 

A traditional Christmas tree would take up so much space in this already compact area. This is why I brought this little Charlie Brown Tree over with a few hand lettered ornaments from my friend at Jordan Taylors Designs

If you have room for a tree, but still want to keep it simple I really love the tree our videographer Lucy styled in her living room. It feels like you’re breaking the rules not adding ornaments, but it’s fun to break rules every now and then. 

We finished the apartment off with a simple Merry Christmas Garland and a few ornaments in a basket! Decor so simple you still time to put it up before Christmas (4 days away🙊). PLUS all of the natural elements will take you through January.

I hope this inspires you to keep it simple this Christmas. It’s really freeing to let go of what the magazines say you should do and take hold of what works for your family and season in life. Merry Christmas friends! 

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