10 Bold Paint Colors That Will Transform Your Home (No White Allowed!)

I have a strong belief that everyone should have at least one room in their house that’s not white. While neutrals are timeless and classic, incorporating bold colors can bring the perfect pop to add character and interest to your home.

In this post, inspired by our latest YouTube video, I’ll take you through ten stunning paint colors that will convince you to step out of the white zone and embrace something bold and beautiful.

1. Blooming Ivy Lane’s Moody Blue Office

Our first color is a gorgeous moody blue inspired by Stephanie of Blooming Ivy Lane’s office. This unique shade isn’t available on the market, but it was a color match to the moody blue Ilve range in her kitchen. The color is used in the office and the butler’s pantry, perfectly sandwiching the kitchen and creating a cohesive thread in the design.

In the video I popped in the color code to this blue but I also used Sherwin Williams’ color match tool to find a similar color. The closest matches are Sherwin Williams Foggy Day and Rain.

If you’d like to tour the full Blooming Ivy Lane Tour, follow the link. You’re going to love every detail.

Pro Tip: Have an item in your home that you love the color of? Take it to the paint store and ask them to color match it! You're not limited to the premade colors.

In the video mom mentioned that she wants to follow suit with Stephanie by color matching the blue washer and dryer set in our client’s laundry room. Drywall is going up in this home so it’ll be a minute before we find out how this turns out but I used AI to create the color drench look in the laundry room. What do you think?

Want more AI Design Ideas? I have tips on how to create your own AI Design Inspiration here.

2. Sherwin Williams Cabbage Rose in the Laundry Room

Blooming Ivy Lane’s laundry room features the most beautiful pink by Sherwin Williams called Cabbage Rose. This pink shade often goes viral on her instagram and is perfect for adding a playful yet sophisticated touch to your home. Even if you’re skeptical about pink, this color will change your mind.

Also worth noting, her laundry room is also her closet and hallway from her primary bedroom. Talk about floor plan GENIUS. You can see the flow well in the video tour. `

Pro Tip: Bold colors like this can make small rooms feel more intimate and luxurious.

3. Farrow & Ball Calamine 230 for a Pastel Touch

For a softer approach, consider Farrow & Ball’s Calamine 230. This pastel pink is perfect for a kid’s room or any space where you want to create a serene, gentle atmosphere.

It’s also an excellent complement to bolder colors used elsewhere in your home. You can tour this Luxury Modern Classic New Build here. It has tons of great colors.

4. Living Room Moody Elegance with Farrow & Ball Downpipe

Farrow & Ball Downpipe is a moody, sophisticated choice for living rooms. This color has a rich, deep hue that can transform your space into a cozy, elegant retreat. It’s particularly stunning in rooms with plenty of natural light, where it can showcase its chameleon-like qualities.

5. Sherwin Williams Pewter Green in the Kitchen

The Sherwin Williams Pewter Green used in a recent home tour kitchen is a fantastic example of how green can be both bold and subtle. This color brings a touch of nature indoors, creating a calming yet invigorating space.

You can tour the full Cavie home tour here.

6. Vintage Vogue Green for a Timeless Dining Room

Vintage Vogue Green by Sherwin Williams is another excellent choice, particularly for dining rooms and living rooms. This vibrant yet classic color creates a timeless look that feels both fresh and enduring.

Pro Tip: Use large swatches to see how the color interacts with light in your space before committing.

7. Sherwin Williams Pine Mountain for a Cozy Guest Room

Pine Mountain by Sherwin Williams is a rich, deep green that works beautifully in guest rooms. This color brings warmth and a touch of nature indoors, making any room feel like a cozy retreat.

8. Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog for a Coastal Vibe

For a green with a bit of a blue undertone, Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog is an excellent choice. This color works well in bedrooms, especially if you’re aiming for a coastal or serene atmosphere.

Pro Tip: Use Evergreen Fog in combination with natural textures like wood and rattan for a cohesive, calming space.

9. Sherwin Williams Green Black for a Bold Statement

Finally, if you’re ready to make a bold statement, consider Sherwin Williams Green Black. This color is perfect for creating a dramatic, modern look in any room. It’s versatile enough to be used on walls, cabinets, or even furniture.

10. Sherwin Williams Sleepy Blue for a Soft Touch

In the Tulip House by Clover Lane Properties, you’ll find Sherwin Williams Sleepy Blue used as the trim. This soft, muted blue has a calming effect that makes it ideal for any room. It pairs beautifully with both neutral tones and is very popular in the “grand millennial” design style, but we can also imagine it being used in coastal and many other styles as well.

Paint is one of the most cost-effective ways to make a significant impact in your home. Whether you’re a seasoned DIYer or new to home design, these bold colors can transform your space into something extraordinary. Don’t be afraid to take the plunge and try something new.

Remember: A simple paint job can transform an entire space. Happy painting!

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