Be Your Own Designer

Workshop & Community

When I first started designing…

making choices overwhelmed me, I felt limited by my budget and my projects weren’t turning out how I was dreaming they would.

My mom has always been able to design a home with very little effort and so I decided to try to make a process of her design methods!

Over time as I was watching her design I had an “aha” moment: We could plan the exact look we wanted and anything we couldn’t afford we could “reverse engineer” to get close, if not better than, what we wanted.

And that’s what we want to teach you!

It’s all covered in our new “Be Your Own Designer” Workshop

Join us as we share our exact process for creating the perfect design plan, regardless of your space and budget.

P.S. even my mom who is naturally creative and able to visualize a room has embraced this process and LOVED the results in her projects.